Our new album, Business in F, was recorded by Peter Kontrimas at PBS Studios in Westwood, MA in only two sessions. It evokes the style and class of the Roaring 20's through meticulous historic detail, authentic new and original arrangements, and physical design.

The album contains 17 tracks (including 6 vocals), and features an art deco design. The cover art was designed by our own Elise Roth, with the CD itself evoking a 1920s Victor 78 RPM record.

Dan Gabel's High Society Orchestra is the premiere large ensemble hot jazz group in New England. Founded in 1976 by Warren "Bud" Trow, trombonist/arranger/jazz historian Dan Gabel took the baton in 2006. Hot jazz numbers and rarities are mixed with dance music and original Gabel arrangements.

The band is influenced by the unique music of Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Archie Bleyer, Bill Challis, Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Paul Whiteman. Vocalist Elise Roth lends her expert talents on vocal numbers of the era, bringing back rarely heard verses and a classic vintage singing style. The band sports a period look with tuxedos, red vests and bowties, banners with the band logo, and a bastion of vintage 1920's curios, including megaphones, temple blocks, mutes, hats, and clarinet trios.

You can hear us at these upcoming venues...

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