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From the Liner Notes:

Our goal for this record was to achieve a live sound, like you are sitting in the audience listening to the program we play. The inspiration for this concept comes from what are considered some of the best sounds of any recorded Big Band music– that of the Capitol and RCA studios of the mid-1950s. Albums such as “Sounds of the Great Bands” (Glen Gray’s Casa Loma Orchestra), “Sinatra’s Swingin’ Session,” and “B.G. in Hi-Fi” have a sound that is rarely matched by today’s Big Band records. The problem lies in today’s microphone techniques, specifically a mentality to mic each instrument individually. This gives a very sterile sound, when the object of a Big Band should be ensemble playing; a recorded ensemble sound can only be heard from other recording techniques. Through the brilliant work of our sound and recording engineer Bill Ryan, we believe we have come close to the sound of these records through the use of primarily room vintage tube and ribbon microphones, giving the band that sound we are looking for and hopefully for you, the listener, a live experience!

The Songs:

Whispering (Malvin and John Schonberger)   Arranged: Dan Gabel, 2010

#793 – Billy May Original (Billy May)   Arranged: Billy May, 1942

Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter)   Arranged: Jerry Gray, 1938

Yes Indeed (Sy Oliver)   Arranged: Sy Oliver, 1941

Abletones Jive (Dan Gabel)   Arranged: Dan Gabel, 2010

Moon River (Johnny Mercer, Henry Mancini)   Arranged: Dan Gabel, 2007

A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald, Al Feldman)   Arranged: Van Alexander, 1938

Woodchopper’s Ball (Woody Herman, Joe Bishop)   Arranged: Dan Gabel, 2010

Basin St. Blues (Spencer Williams, Glenn Miller, Jack Teagarden)   Arranged: Dan Gabel

Song of India (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)   Adapted/Arranged: Tommy Dorsey, Red Bone, 1937

Night Train (Jimmy Forrest, Duke Ellington)   Arranged: Buddy Morrow

Corrine, Corrina  (Traditional Folk Song)   Adapted: Buddy Morrow, 1952

I Don’t Know Why (Roy Turk, Fred Ahlert)   Arranged: Dan Gabel, 2009

Drum Boogie (Gene Krupa and Roy Eldridge)   Arranged: Larry Wagner, 1941

Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)   Arranged: Henry Mancini, 1967

Grand Old Flag (George M. Cohan)   Arranged: Paul Weirick, 1935

American Patrol (Franklin W. Meacham)   Arranged: Jerry Gray, 1942

Sunday Morning (Neil Hefti)   Arranged: Neil Hefti, Harry James, 1965

Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)   Arranged: Gordon Jenkins, 1935

Hawaiian War Chant (Prince William Leleiohoku, Johnny Noble)   Arranged: Deane Kincaide, 1938

What Others Are Saying:

The arrangements and the voicings make the band sound bigger than it really is. Good soloists, solid rhythm section. Stylistically right on the money...a band you could dance or listen to. Judging from this CD, highly recommended.”Larry O’Brien, leader of the current Glenn Miller Orchestra

"I HIGHLY recommend their CD! Gabel knows the music and the tunes he picked really highlighted the talents in his band. Not only does Gabel play a velvety trombone a la Tommy Dorsey, he arranges nice charts and even sings!...a must have.”Alan Glasscock, leader of the Alan Glasscock Orchestra and arranger for Lush Life Music

How Do You Get One (Or More)?:

While our CD is available from our good friends at CD Baby and as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon, please feel free to contact us directly. They are $15 or two for $25, plus $3 shipping and handling to the continental US. (If you need more or live somewhere else, we’ll provide you with the cost– just ask.). Please note that the liner notes are extensive and provide detailed information on the band, the songs and the recording techniques used; you’ll only get them when you buy the actual CD.

Stay tuned for a re-release of “Yes Indeed” this Fall

which will feature our vocalist, Elise Roth.