“Dan Gabel is the most amazing individual: Despite his relatively young age, Dan has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge and experience one would only expect of a person nearing retirement age. His skill as a trombonist and arranger, as well as the leader of his own successful swing band, can be credited to his touring with the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Larry O'Brien, as well as his own independent years of collecting, researching and documenting vintage big band recordings. From this, Dan's "ear" is without fault, which is crucial to writing accurate and exciting transcriptions and arrangements. His talent as a trombonist is in demand, and would be a welcomed spot in any band or orchestra. Not withstanding, his ability to copy various styles is beyond reproach. My only grudge is that Dan Gabel is in Massachusetts, and not in Texas -- as we need somebody with his resume and talent down here!”

Alan Glasscock, The Alan Glasscock Orchestra

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“DO NOT MISS the current Vaughn Monroe Show tour presented by Dan Gabel and his magnificent orchestra and singers. The program is an extraordinary opportunity to experience live Big Band music as it was meant to be performed, and is a notable tribute – perhaps the best kind of tribute—to Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra...The Vaughn Monroe Show is not simply nostalgia, it’s more than that.  It takes the music and the musicianship of this era and recreates it, plays it as it should be played so fans new and old can appreciate the magic of it.”

– Jacqueline T. Lynch

Author, playwright, and syndicated columnist

The FINAL scheduled 2017 tour date for

The Vaughn Monroe Show

is Friday, November 10th at the Somerville Theatre. This historic venue opened in 1914 and will be a perfect place to experience everything this event has to offer, including the possibility of some special guests that knew Vaughn personally.

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The Somerville Theatre